Places of Interest

Local Attractions

Arts / Entertainment
Your cultural journey continues with world class independent film or strolling through incomparable art in the galleries or that most unique art venue – the Odette Sculpture Park located on the Detroit River.
The story begins... in a bygone era where the ghosts of freedomseeking slaves mingle with the rum-runners of prohibition days and the storied heroes of the great wars.
Gaming / Nightlife
THE STORY BEGINS... with your first pull of the slot machine, surrounded by the anticipation and excitement of the casino floor.
Outdoor Experiences
THE STORY BEGINS... as the morning sun crests the horizon. The lake laps onto the warm sand at Point Pelee and a quartet of orioles serenades from the quiet of the marsh.

Sports Tourism
The story begins... with the crack of the bat, the drop of the puck or the header that scores the goal. It’s found in the tournaments, the teamwork, the soccer moms and that great hotel pool after the games.
The story begins...deep in the rich earth of this great region, nourishing the delicate fruit of our vineyards. From the sun-warmed fields of the southernmost shore of Canada, the carefully nurtured vines surrender their precious vintages.